Interstate moves can be incredibly exciting, but also quite daunting. While they require a bit more planning than a same-state move, the truth is that moving your belongings interstate isn’t as tricky as you might think. Here’s how you can make that move to a new state.

The more you have to move the more you have to pay, so plan to declutter

Don’t make your interstate move more expensive than it needs to be by moving things you don’t need. Whether you sort out your items for donation, to sell online or for a garage sale, you’ll save money on moving.

Hire removalists with experience in interstate moves

This is the best way to ensure your interstate move goes successfully. You need trustworthy, experienced and professional removalists that will keep your belongings safe, for peace of mind during this big change.

Pack smart to make things easier on yourself

The usual packing rules apply to interstate moves as well: label packing boxes clearly, wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, keep belongings together from the same rooms, and don’t overload your boxes and make them too heavy.
Keep all your important personal documentation and items, so that they don’t get packed away. Things like your mobile phone (and its charger!), medications, passport and other important documents can’t afford to be lost or stuck in a moving box until you reach your new destination.

Organise transport for your vehicle, trailer, campervan etc.

Rather than driving the lengthy journey yourself, talk to your removalist about getting their help in moving these larger belongings. This way you can fly and get there quicker, saving your energy for unpacking.

Interstate moves don’t have to be overwhelming

Take the stress out of moving your belongings interstate by talking to the team at Removalists On The Run. We’ll take care of your items like they were our own, and ensure they arrive safely at your new home – even after the long journey.

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