Is your Melbourne business also subject to the Stage 4 COVID restrictions? Well, unless you’re permitted to operate on site, you are supposed to pause your operations or run your business from home if you can at all.

Do you feel you have the capacity to carry out your projects from home, but are worried about making the actual transition? At Removalists On Run, we are aware of how difficult it must be for you to move your business equipment to your home amidst the COVID crises. That’s why we are here to provide you with the most honest advice and reliable moving services that can help you resume your business operations from home with confidence!

Need some resourceful tips now? Keep reading because this blog lists down the exact steps you need to follow to make a seamless transition to your home office and keep your remote teams productive.

Plan and Draft a Checklist of the Items You Necessarily Need

Once you’ve made your mind to shift to your home office, figure out the items you’ll necessarily need to get started with your work. Whether it’s your technical equipment, client records, tax files, to-do notepads or insurance records, jot down all the key commodities you need to get transported to your new office in a checklist. Believe us, centralizing information on a checklist will keep you from pulling out your hair later!

Announce Your Move To Your Employees and Clients

If you’re driven to carry out your business operations from home during this pandemic, break the news to your employees and clients as soon as you can! This will give your employees a clear idea of their responsibilities and time to figure out the things and information they’d need to seamlessly transition to the Work From Home mode, mitigating the possibility for setbacks and delays. Sending a timely notification about your office’s relocation to your clients puts them under the impression that they’re important for you. This will also give them a clear idea of where they can reach you for business, your operating hours and what kinds of orders they can place.

Compile Your Important Documents At One Place

Before you make the move, make sure you have gathered all the important paperwork related to your business. You must also create digital copies of your documentation and store them in a secure cloud storage to avoid any setbacks on the final day, or anytime in the future.

Hire a Team of Reliable Office Movers

Professional office movers take away half the hustle and stress of your move. At Removalists On Run, our specialists help you pack and safely transport your computers, furniture, stationery and files to your home office while ensuring that everyone on board follows strict hygiene practices. We provide our customers with itemised quotes that help them determine the best course of action for them.

Call Removalists On Run for Your Office Moving Needs

Need an efficient team of Removalists to help you navigate through the process of moving your office space during the COVID crises? Call Removalists On the Run and find out how we can help you transit to your home office and resume your business operations in real time.

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