Packing up an entire office space can be quite a challenge. Office spaces tend to contain lots of delicate equipment and electronic devices that can easily be damaged if they are not packaged properly. Office furniture also tends to be quite heavy and can easily be scratched.
So how do eliminate damage and maintain order while moving everything to a new spot? Our practical packaging tips might just help.

Try To Use Original Packaging

If you still have some of the original packaging stored away in a garage then it is best to go and retrieve all of these old boxes and containers. The original packaging will fit all of your products perfectly and is usually accompanied by tailor-fitted styrofoam padding that can keep sensitive items like computer monitors as safe as possible. It also becomes much easier to unpack again since you can easily tell what is inside the box from the prints or images on the box.

Cling Wrap is your Best Friend

You can stock up on large rolls of cling wrap. This stretchy and clingy plastic is excellent for securing all of the drawers of filing cabinets and desks. The wrap can also be used to secure cushioning to certain furniture items. You can simply add the cushioning layer onto a delicate table and use your large roll of wrap to secure it tightly. This will keep most large and bulky furniture items from scratching during the transition.

More Cushioning is Always Better

Cushioning is very important for keeping all of the fragile items in your office nice and safe. Invest in different types of cushioning so you can secure a number of different-sized items or keep heavy objects safe. Cushioning materials like foam peanuts, padded dividers, bubble bags, and packaging foam to keep the delicate items from bouncing around inside a box.
Before you go shopping for cushioning materials, you can, however, take a look at your linen closet. Towels, comforters, and sheets can also be very useful for packing up and securing larger delicate items like printers.

Develop an Organisation system

Movers will be loading all of the office equipment into a truck and will unload again when they arrive at the new destination. This can leave all of your products in disarray. To reduce chaos a little bit, you should try to develop an organisation system. Sort the goods you add to packaging boxes by type or by room and clearly label each box. You can also consider colourful stickers and mark all the containers, furniture pieces, or boxes that should be grouped together in the same room. These small organisational systems can save a lot of time when it is time to unpack and set up your office.

Get Help From Professional Movers

The very best tip we have for you is to ask for some advice from your moving company. Movers specialise in these types of projects and they can offer some helpful tips on the best way to secure, wrap, or box up certain types of goods. This won’t just protect your office items, it can also make things much easier for the moving company.

Give Expert Removalists a Call

After boxing everything up in your office, you can give Removalist On The Run a call. Our professional movers can get your entire office loaded up, transported, and offloaded at your new space in no time at all.

And if you don’t have the time to box up, wrap, and sort everything in your office then you can also give our specialists a call. We can do all the packing for you while you take care of other arrangements.

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