Whether you’re moving out of home for the first time, or perhaps you’ve gone through a breakup and need to move out, you’re probably trying to decide between getting your own place or moving into a shared house. Sharing a home with others could be your idea of a nightmare, or you could be excited to have people around all the time.


Splitting rent, bills, groceries, etc.

Living out of home is expensive – there’s no denying that. Students especially feel the pinch while trying to balance work and study. Living in a shared house means that you don’t have to shoulder everything on your own; those costly bills are split between housemates, leaving you with more money for other things.

You will never be lonely

A lot of people find it difficult to make friends as they get older because of adult responsibilities, like work and cleaning, take up a lot of potential socialising time. When you move into a shared house, you will find yourself and your new housemates spending time together because it’s almost unavoidable. Many people make lifelong friends with their flatmates because of how much time they are around each other.

You don’t have to do all the cleaning on your own – unless you have horrible housemates!

When we live alone, it can feel like we are constantly cleaning, whether that’s doing laundry, wiping down benches, vacuuming, or cleaning the bathroom. In a share house, it’s common for chores to be divided up and rotated so that everyone pitches in and the work gets done faster.


You can’t use the bathroom, kitchen, etc. whenever you want

Maybe you want to start cooking your dinner or do some baking, but one of your flatmates is still in the kitchen cooking up a storm for hours on end. Or maybe you really need to shower and use the bathroom before work, but your housemate is having an hour-long bubble bath. Share housing is all about compromising and sharing, which not everyone has the patience for.

Your housemates could have horrible habits

Unfortunately, people can seem lovely and reasonable when socialising with them, but living together is a whole other ball game. You never truly know what habits someone has until you share a house with them. Your housemate could throw wild parties every weekend, leave dirty dishes in the sink for days, steal your food or never buy shared household items like toilet paper. You may not find out about any of this until you move in, and by then it’s too late as you’re committed to the lease.

Never having privacy

Sometimes after a hard day at work, you might just want to relax in the lounge and watch TV without speaking to anyone. Flatmates can make this practically impossible.

Everyone needs some form of privacy, which is difficult to get it in a shared house because there is
almost always someone else around.

No matter what you decide, a professional removalist makes moving simpler

Some people thrive on being alone, and others prefer to have people around. You need to consider whether the pros of moving into a shared house outweigh the cons for you personally.

Once you’ve made your decision, know that Removalists On the Run is here for you. We make moving stress-free, so get in touch today.

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