Moving office is very similar to moving house, except for the large amount of IT equipment. While a household may have one or two landline phones and a desktop or a laptop, an office has a lot more! More IT equipment also means more expensive, so you want to make sure that the technology in your office is well looked after during your relocation. Don’t risk breakages or incorrect setups in your new office – call the specialists for help.

It’s a chance for all of your IT equipment to be cleaned

An office environment involves things like phones and keyboards being used almost constantly throughout the day. This causes a buildup of dirt and dust that tends not to get cleaned often, especially if the same person is using the same mouse, phone, etc. each workday. We don’t always clean the things that only we use, but accessories like keyboards and mice not only look messy but also stop working correctly when there’s too much build-up. Use the opportunity a relocation provides to get all of your IT equipment thoroughly cleaned by a specialist, like a member of our professional team.

Not everyone knows how to correctly move their technology

IT equipment is expensive and could be worth thousands (or hundreds of thousands), while also being crucial to the daily running of your business. If something breaks during the move or is set back up incorrectly, you lose time and money while waiting for it to be fixed.

When you hire Removalists On the Run, you’re also getting access to expert IT Removalists who can safely and securely pack, move, and set up your technology in your new office, getting you and your team back to work faster.

When you need to move IT equipment, entrust Removalists On the Run

Our experienced team of removalists are the top choice for relocating your office technology. We not only give your IT equipment a professional clean before packing, but we also know the safest ways to pack and transport your items.

We can also help move your office outside of work hours so that you are ready for work sooner. Our team of specialists take care of every step of moving your office’s technology, from taking inventory and packing to moving the equipment to your new location and getting it all setup and running. Talk to us today about how we can enhance your office move and make it easier for you.

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