Any good real estate agent will tell you that your home needs to be decluttered in order to appeal to
potential buyers when they come to an open house. A home filled with clutter seems a lot more
cramped and smaller than it actually it is, which is going to put off buyers. Presenting your home as a neutral canvas allows people to imagine themselves living there, and shows off your home’s best
features without distraction. It also helps make moving a lot easier.

Here are our top five tips for decluttering your home for sale – because we know that it can be

1. Figure out and commit to a certain amount of time

Using your time wisely is one of the most important parts of effective decluttering. How much time
you’ve got until your home is open for inspection, and how much help you’ll have in sorting through
all your belongings will affect how quickly you need to work.

2. Decide which room (or area) you’re going to start in, and don’t move on until you’re done

So much decluttering time is wasted by simply wandering around and not making a decision on
where to begin, or going from room to room without finishing one.

Pick one room, plan out how you’re going to sort your items (such as keep, throw away, store and
donate) and then get to work. You’ll be a lot more effective and won’t get so overwhelmed as if you
were trying to declutter all over the house at once.

3. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in 12 months

If you want to be ruthless with your decluttering, this is a great rule. Whenever you pick up an item,
think if you’ve used it in the past year – and if you haven’t, then put it aside for donation, selling or
throwing out.

You don’t have to be as strict with family heirlooms, photos or things of that nature, of course!

4. Don’t forget the drawers and cupboards

Buyers will look through everything. So even if your living room appears decluttered, they’ll soon
discover that you’ve simply thrown everything in a cupboard or in drawers. These places need to be
decluttered too!

5. Get a storage unit for extra items

‘ If there’s a lot you want to keep that doesn’t fit with staging your home, get a storage unit ’

This is why we suggest a ‘storage’ category for sorting your items. Sometimes you don’t need to do a
lot of decluttering, and you want to keep a lot of your items to take to your next home.

A storage unit keeps all of this category of belongings safe during the selling process, giving you
another option instead of throwing away or donating. If you want to make sure your items are safely
packed for being stored, get in touch with professional movers like us who have experience in
moving belongings in and out of storage.

Decluttering isn’t as overwhelming as it first seems

Let your home truly shine in front of prospective buyers by decluttering. Not only will it mean less
for you to pack and move later, but you’ll be allowing buyers to picture their lives there, making a
sale much more likely to happen faster. These five tips will help make the decluttering process a

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