It’s about that time, renters – time to decide what you’re going to do after your rental agreement is up.
Though the time is near, this change in your life won’t come without warning.
Other than keeping tabs on the date when your lease ends, your property manager or landlord will notify you anywhere from 30 to 60 days in advance with a reminder that your lease is going to expire soon.

Any good tenant who wants to leave amicably should heed the following advice on how to end a property lease agreement the right way:

Notify your landlord you want to move before your lease term ends

Before your lease is set to expire, you need to let your landlord know you won’t be renewing. Look at your lease to see how many days’ notice you must give before you leave. In most cases, there will be a set time period requested.

Clean up your premises

If you want to get all or most of your deposit back, you’re going to have to do some of the dirty work to leave it as close to its original condition as possible.
Try to fix anything that isn’t normal wear and tear. Wear and tear are typically considered any damage caused by natural forces (e.g., sunlight causing paint discolouration, dirty grout, and loose door handles). Anything more than that is where landlords normally start to charge you for repairs.

Document the state of your home

Consider taking pictures or videos of the apartment if you’re worried about the landlord claiming damages after you’ve moved. Cell phones make this easy, as you can just snap anything notable as you do an initial walk-through.

Leave a forwarding address

Want your security deposit and future bills to make it to your new place? Leave a forwarding address with your landlord. You will also need to contact your main post office and have your mail forwarded for at least six months to ensure you get all your packages, subscriptions, and other materials.

Return your keys

Your landlord will ask for any copies of keys for your apartment and may charge a fee for each day you keep the keys past the due date.

Hire A Removalist

A good removalist is a must for the secure handling of your furniture and other belongings.
Removalists On the Run has you sorted for this vital step of your moving out journey.

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