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Ily I
Ily I
Ziad and Jesse were fantastic and did a great job for our move into our new double storey home! They arrived early and Ziad explained the whole process to us, so we knew what to expect. There were some challenges with our furniture but they navigated it with no issues. Happy to use them again for any future moves.
Trav “DaTrav” Clashing
Trav “DaTrav” Clashing
Ziad and Jesse who did my furniture were absolutely amazing removilists. Very thorough and professional. Well mannered and efficient. Gracie in the office was also very understanding and made our booking run smooth with expertise and great communication. Strongly recommend to others.
lyn scoglio
lyn scoglio
I highly recommend “Removalist On The Run” ! .. Zia & Jesse moved us last Friday (31st May), from our old house to a Village Community (downsizing). They worked so hard & were so obliging & patient, even after a stuff up with our Conveyancer, they helped us overcome this hiccup & moved us into our new house, set everything up beautifully! It was such a long day, but they were still cheerful at the end..Thanks guys & Gracie for going above & beyond with your service ! Highly Recommend! 😍👏 Efficient & Professionally Delivered 😘
Matthew Thornton
Matthew Thornton
I highly recommend Removalists on the Run. They were professional, efficient, flexible, and excellent communicators. Ziad, Jess, and Gracie handled our move with exceptional care, and no task was too difficult for them. Their team worked quickly and meticulously wrapped our larger items to ensure everything was safely transported to our new location. They understood the pressure and stress of moving and settling on the same day, and they went above and beyond to help us achieve a great outcome. Even after the move, they offered to help arrange furniture at our new home to ensure a seamless experience. Ziad truly walks the talk and offers competitive pricing too. I would use Removalists on the Run again without hesitation and highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you so much!
Robyn Mioni
Robyn Mioni
These guys were professional, courteous, punctual and very helpful.
Sue Grant
Sue Grant
What a team—professionalism was evident from the moment I made the first phone call to Gracie until the very end of the transfer by Ziad and Jesse. Our furniture was completely respected and our move was finished with extreme precision. The level of care used to guarantee that our furniture was delivered safely and undamaged was exceptional. We can't say enough good things about these gentlemen and their wonderful, friendly service. We have no hesitation in recommending this business for your next move ....Thank you so very much.
Anita Csendes
Anita Csendes
I cannot thank and praise Ziad and Jesse enough for the great job they did moving me a few weeks ago - great job boys! Thank you so much, everything was perfect!
Michelle Scerri
Michelle Scerri
Absolutely cannot thank Removalists on the Run enough for their incredible moving service. As much as moving house can be a stressful and expensive experience, Gracie, Ziad and their team are the utmost professionals and we’ve used them multiple times. Fast, reliable, communicative, great value and of course they take the utmost care of our furniture. Hopefully we won’t be moving anywhere anytime soon, but if you need a removalist anytime soon, I can’t recommend Removalists on the Run highly enough.
Greg Saunders
Greg Saunders
I used Removalist On The Run and the guys did a marvellous job. Very kind and respectful. Went above the required tasks to complete the move ensuring a smooth transition. Definitely recommend this business if your in need of removals.
Teena Ling
Teena Ling
I highly recommend Removalist on the run. They were professional, efficient, and handled my move with care. Their team worked quickly and wrapped my larger items to ensure everything was transported safely. Competitive pricing too!
  • Payment must be finalised with the driver on job completion. In the event the customer does not finalise account on job completion, the overdue account is then referred to a debt collection agency or law firm for collection. Any commissions, agency costs and legal costs incurred shall be added to the amount outstanding & form part of the debt payable by the customer. Interest will be charged on the outstanding amount due for payment, until the date payment is made at the rate prescribed by the Penalty Interest Rates Act (VIC) plus 2% to release items.
  • Once payment is made by the customer, this is an indication that customer is satisfied with the job. Claims must be notified immediately to the driver/office within 24 hours of the move date. The customer is also required to email info@removalistontherun.com.au within this time frame. If the customer does not notify the driver/office and email within 24 hours of the move date, any and all claims are null and void and will not be accepted under any circumstance. It is the customer’s responsibility to report any and all damage to the driver/office within 24 hours of the move date, otherwise there is no way to verify the claim that the damage in dispute was caused by Removalist On The Run. The customer or customer’s representative must be present at all times during the move. The written claim or confirmation should include as much information as is known in regard to the nature and extent of loss or damage, the value or items and the cost of repairs.
  • All furniture/goods remain in the possession of Removalist On The Run until payment is made in full. Note that we reserve the right to hold items of equivalent value of an outstanding Removalist On The Run account, until full payment is received.
  • By law staff are entitled to a 30 minute lunch break payable by customer if the move takes more than 6 hours.
  • 2 hour fee applies for last minute cancellations.
  • 3% surcharge applies to credit/debit card transactions.
  • Toll fee applies if Citylink/Eastlink is used.
  • Removalist On The Run will not move possessions that have not been safely packed and ready to move. We are strictly governed by Worksafe. If you have booked a move with 2 men & items are heavier than a 2 man lift, we will not move these items.

It is in our right, to decline to do any job;

(a) If there is wrong information provided at the time of booking/quote by the customer.

(b) If movers are not comfortable to perform the job due to unacceptable behavior of the customer.

(c) If the work environment is not safe to perform the job. And there are safety issues.

(d) Due to our OH&S policy, Removalist On The Run have the right to cancel/reschedule any current/future bookings if the temperature is 35+ degrees on the scheduled moving day or if the weather forecast predicted a 85% rain on the scheduled moving day.

We do NOT move billiard tables, physio/massage chairs, weights, commercial items/furniture, safe boxes, pinball machines, fish tanks or piano’s due to insurance purposes.


Parking must be organised by the customer prior to the move and should be within 10-15 meters max from entry point/location of lift.

Removalist On The Run will not be liable for any parking infringements. Please arrange parking permit where necessary.


Removalist On The Run has public liability & transit insurance Australia wide.

We cover loss and damage to customers property or persons during the move whilst in TRANSIT and for which we accept responsibility.

Policy terms and conditions apply including the following additional exclusions;

The following occurrences are excluded from this indemnity:

  1. Loss or damage of article or contents of articles which have not been packed and unpacked by Removalist On The Run or its official representative.
  2. Loss or damage of animals, pets, food, drink, perishables, plants, shrubs, vehicles, boats and trailers.
  3. Loss or damage of any antiques,  jewellery, precious objects, work of art, medals, money, coins, stamps, collections of items, marble, pianos, pool tables, pot plants, fur jackets/clothing or piece of precision equipment of value in any case that exceeds $400.00, Removalist On The Run guarantees to cover customers items of up to this amount.
  4. Corrosion, contamination, deterioration, decay, infestation, mouldiness and electrical or mechanical derangement, unless resulting from physical loss or damage of the insured property. (All internal electrical faults of appliances and/or white goods are not covered by this guarantee unless Removalist On The Run has accepted responsibility)
  5. Wear, tear, depreciation and loss or damage caused by or resulting from inherent vive, brittleness or nature of the insured property. Any dents or scratches to the fridge, washing machine and/or dryer are excluded from this guarantee. This includes furniture that has to be assembled and disassembled. (IKEA furniture is not covered by this guarantee), All glass to be moved at “owners own risk.”
  6. Consequential loss or damage, loss of profits and loss of market or loss of use of any property.
  7. Loss of damage arising from armed conflict, radiation or nuclear explosion.
  8. Water damage, if the customer agrees to carry out a move during wet (i.e rain/storm) conditions Removalist On The Run accepts no responsibility or liability for damage caused.
  9. We do not carry fridges upstairs/downstairs due OH&S guidelines.


  • Pot Plants, garden ornaments and glass are not insured.
  • We do not take gas bottles.
  • We do NOT move billiard tables, physio/massage chairs, weights, marble tables, commercial items/furniture, safe boxes, pinball machines, fish tanks or piano’s due to insurance purposes.
  • We do not move chemicals or items that contain fuel unless emptied, which includes lawnmowers, whipper snippers, motor bikes etc.
  • Treadmill/gym equipment will need to be dismantled before the move.
  • Industrial printers are not covered by Removalist On The Run’s insurance if damaged during the move.
  • Marble furniture is not covered by Removalist On The Run’s insurance if damaged / cracked or chipped during the move.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Australia and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian courts.

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