Removalist on the Run know the importance of fine art and antiques and how gentle the process is from collecting the item, caring for it by our handlers, and using specific packing equipment and materials to keep the antiques secure throughout the transport process.


Packing fine art and antiques can be very risky business. We will get your special belongings safely from your desired pick up to your desired location.

We use the right packaging materials, as this is an art in itself – to figure out which material to use on which types of art. We will then assess each piece individually and advise on packaging options that would be perfect for the item.

Our packaging materials would include custom foam mould, wrap and brace box to ensure your goods are safe for transportation.

We also place your valuables into customised packing crates to ensure further security to the item. They are then transported to your destination.

Framed Fine Art

These types of art are even more delicate and proper packing materials will help prevent the items from scratching or breaking. Specific type of boxes such as telescope boxes can be used to pack these items. The boxes usually come as a two part set and are joined together to form one long box.

Fine art and antiques such as mirrors are normally wrapped in Glassine instead of plastic wrap. Glassine is a smooth paper that is air and water resistance. It would prevent the fine art or the mirror from becoming blemished.

Next, bubble wrap is used. This is layered and secured with tape. This provides cushioning and provides that extra security. Corners are also protected using Styrofoam corner protectors or cardboard corner protectors.

When transporting the artwork, the belongings are normally stored upright and facing each other if there are multiple. This stops from the face of the artwork being damaged.


Antiques are often valuable and irreplaceable. Not only are they worth a lot of money, they tend to have a sentimental value to them as well, therefore the packing and transporting process is particularly important.

The first step is to always ensure that your antiques have insurance on them. This is a safeguard as no matter how safe one can be, there could always be damage.

Bubble wrap, packing tape, moving blankets, crates and a tool set is what is needed in order to safely pack and move art. Any dissembling that may be required should also be done prior to moving.

Layering on bubbly wrap is key, and secure with tape. Another layer of protection should also be applied with blankets and tape. The best way to transport the antiques is via a wooden crate. Crates and boxes are sure to lessen the impact from any bumps that you may encounter on the roads.

And of course, the unloading of the antiques is a process in itself.

Hire the Professionals

Finding the right professionals who have the experience and the resources to do this is the best way to go forward.

Removalist on the Run are reputable, reliable and licensed as well as insured to help you with your moving of fine art and antiques. You will be in safe hands.

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