Western Australia is the ideal state for the climate, the shoreline, the wineries, and the laid-back vibes. For those that love the outdoors, and suburban life this is the place to be. Read on below to find out how to move efficiently to Western Australia.

Packing When packing, hire the professional to help you do it safely and efficiently. The services that will be included will range from providing packing boxes, and tape etc., transporting your belongings to a new state and home, the option of an unpacking service, optional cleaning services, storing your items, and insurance as well. Although this could be a cost, it is a worthwhile cost to ensure your belongings get there in one piece, safely, and on time. Removalist on the Run can take care of all your packing and moving needs.

Avoid Over Stuffing when Packing

When packing your boxes, make sure you do not overstuff. This can lead to multiple disasters like the boxes breaking apart, or being difficult to transport because they are too heavy.

Make sure you buy enough boxes and the right sizes, and as boxes are cheap, this is a part of the move that you should not skimp out on.

Spread heavy items amongst the boxes and make sure you adhere to the weight limit that the box allows.

What to Consider Before the Move

To provide a stress-free relocation, create a checklist. This will help you plan and organise your move easily, and prevent forgetting small tasks which you may only realise days out from moving.

Make a timeline list for moving, and note down all the important dates. That way you can plan what to do when.

Give yourself a realistic budget. Moving interstate is pricey. Find ways to save on costs for example volume shipping. Removalist on the Run can help with this, and provide you with an affordable quote depending on your needs. It also cuts down on stress.

After choosing your removalists to help with the move, and locking them in for the dates you require them, it is time to declutter, donate, and bin. Free yourself of items that you no longer use or require, or feel as though you can do without during your move. Travel as light as possible.

Start shopping for packing and moving supplies. This means buying your sturdy boxes, the tape, the scissors, the box cutters, the permanent marker etc. Start rounding up all the resources so that you have no excuse not to begin the packing.

And now you are ready to pack!

Other Things to Consider when Moving Interstate

When moving interstate, you have to consider more than just changing the address for mail. This includes things like utilities, insurance, Medicare, schools (if relevant), and car registration.

Western Australia is the only state with specific rules relating to moving household goods over state borders, and requires a quarantine declaration.

Remember, the move is worth it in the long run!

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