Many people decide to forgo hiring professional movers and move themselves instead. Whether it’s to save money, or you just want to be in complete control, DIY house removals are a viable option.

If you’re carrying out your own house move, then you need our essential guide to help make it an easy process.

Plan and organise in advance

Moving takes a lot of work, especially if it’s just yourself and friends or family doing the moving. Make sure that any people helping you know in advance what the plan is leading up to the move, and on the day of.

Make sure that you’ve got your packing supplies and moving boxes organised well before you plan to start packing. This way you’re not wasting time scrounging around for them when it’s time to pack.

The other crucial thing to do well before the big day is hiring the right-sized moving van or truck to hold your belongings, as well as any other equipment you’ll need to move your larger items. Don’t try and cut costs by not hiring things like trolleys, as they’re important for keeping everyone safe during the move.

Time to pack

Most of your items will go into packing boxes, with bubble wrap, paper, blankets and other materials for protection. Be sure not to pack boxes too heavily, especially when dealing with things like books.

Not everything can fit into moving boxes, so you need to know how you’re going to be transporting these other items safely. If possible, disassemble furniture to make it easier to pack and move. Secure any doors and drawers so that they won’t fall out or fling open during transport, from items such as desks and fridges.

Speaking of fridges, make sure yours is empty before moving day, and that your freezer has had time to defrost and drain. You don’t want a big wet mess on such a busy day!

Always load bigger items into the truck first. This way, your boxes and smaller items are at the front, and the larger things are easier to unload at your new destination.

Make sure you’re prepared for your first night in your new home

You won’t get everything unpacked on the same day that you move, so you should ensure you keep out important items such as your phone charger, toiletries, and some clothes.

It’s also wise to organise for the power to be connected for the day before you move in, so that you’re guaranteed to have electricity.

Don’t be afraid to call in the professionals

If no one can help you move, or moving to your new location requires manoeuvring heavy items up stairs, it’s best to hire professional movers.

They know how to move your belongings safely, especially those that are extremely large. Don’t risk hurting yourself or your helpers, call reliable removalists like Removalists On The Run.

Call us now to get a quote for the cost of your move – you’ll be surprised how affordable it is to leave the moving to the experts.

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