If you’re a keen traveller who likes to work while they holiday, then you’ve no doubt looked at a Working Holiday Visa when planning your Australian trip. Melbourne is a favourite city for travellers to visit, live and work in, thanks to its vibrant culture. If you’re moving to Melbourne on a Working Holiday Visa, this is what you need to know.

Applying for your visa

The very first step is to visit the official website of the Australian Department of Immigration & Border Protection. Be sure to read through the options carefully so that you choose the right Working Holiday Visa for your circumstances and intentions. The application takes less than an hour to complete on your own, so we don’t recommend going through an external Visa agency as you’ll only be spending more money.

You’ll hear about the Department’s decision within a week, usually, and then you’ll receive your acceptance information.

Applying for your Tax File Number

You can’t get paid without a Tax File Number (TFN). Applying for this should be one of your top priorities, so that you can start work. It’s simple to apply for your TFN, and while they say there’s a turnaround time of up to two weeks, it’s usually faster. You’ll need an Australian mailing address for this, which leads to the next point.

Finding somewhere to live

Whether you’re going to stay in a hostel for a while until you get settled, or you’ve already found a place to call home when you get to Melbourne, you need to have this sorted out in advance. You don’t want to be stuck paying a high rate for a hotel room for a night, or worse, not be able to find a place at all.

You can check real estate websites for rentals, or go to the popular website Gumtree. People advertise for roommates and tenants on there regularly, making it easier to find somewhere.

Finding work

A Working Holiday Visa gives you the right to work in your destination for a period of time, so the next step is to find a job. Seek, Indeed and Gumtree are the best places to job hunt, and you can always print off a resume and explore the city, dropping it in at any places hiring.

Join local backpacker groups on Facebook as well, as they’re often a great source of job-related information.

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