You can’t trust just any company to move your belongings to your new home. Not every removalist has the experience, trustworthiness or even the right credentials, and can make your moving day extremely stressful. Here are four of the top things you can expect from a reliable removalist company.

Great reviews

The internet provides many avenues for checking the reputation of a business. Whether you check their Facebook page, their Google search results, or a site based on recommendations, you’ll quickly be able to see what sort of company you’re looking at. Reliable removalists will have excellent reviews to that effect, and you can see how they interact with customers if they’ve commented on reviews – especially any that are not so good.

The right insurance

Sometimes, despite a mover’s best efforts, items can get damaged or broken during the moving process. A reliable removalist will have insurance options for you, letting you breathe easy knowing your items are covered.

If you’re packing your own belongings, be sure to ask your removalist if the insurance options they provide will cover them. They can help you find a solution if the items aren’t covered.

The right licensing

Going with an unlicensed removalist company may seem cheaper in the beginning, but is more often than not a costly mistake. You have no recourse if anything goes wrong, and you could even have your belongings damaged, broken or lost.

It’s a simple search to find out if a moving business has the appropriate licensing, and will save you a massive headache down the track.

They’re experienced

Experienced removalists can move just about anything safely, without damaging the item or the home they’re moving it to – or from. They know the best techniques for packing valuable belongings, how to move even the heaviest furniture and even things like the best way to drive to get your items to you faster. Moving day will go much more smoothly with experienced removalists in charge.

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