Moving is a big job, and can be quite money consuming. Although some things are worth the money like using an interstate removal company to help move all your belongings and furniture from one location to another, and potentially even packers and unpackers to cut your time, there are a lot of areas where you can cut costs. Read on to see how you can save some money during the big move.

Have a Budget

If you are going to splash out on furniture removalists, make sure you do your due diligence by shopping around for quotes and finding the best and cost-effective option for you. Set a budget for this and make sure you stay within your budget.

Also create a wider moving budget that includes all the tasks necessary for the move. By identifying your current financial position and then setting a budget overall, it is important for you to plan your budget accordingly.

Making a list of all your tasks also helps, as if you miss something out, this can be an unnecessary cost that will blow out your budget. The costs are always going to add up, and in the process you may miss the smaller tasks that will still cost.

A tip we would recommend is having an emergency buffer just in case for any last minute expenses.

Sell What You Don’t Need

Moving is a great time to clear out your junk or unused/unneeded items. But rather than throwing them away, why don’t you try selling them first. You could do an old school strategy such as a garage sale. You could advertise this on your community pages, Facebook, newsletters, flyers etc. you could even make signs and ask local schools as well to put a notice.

Another way is to use social media sales. Marketplace on Facebook, Instagram, eBay and other online listings are a good idea for items as well. Some of these do not require extra fees so it is a great money saver.

Be creative with your selling and whatever does not sell, donate it to charity. If you decided you did not need it once, then you probably do not need it at all!

Be Innovative with your Storage Boxes

Visit your local shops or think creative when it comes to finding boxes to pack your contents into. Using things like suitcases, duffle bags, big trash bags and storage containers can be a big money saver. You can also wrap fragile items in your blankets or jumpers to save on wrapping and bubble wrap.

By packing your belongings yourself as well is a big cost saver. Another big plus about this is that you know where exactly everything is and how it was packed.

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