Top 3 Reasons Why Everyone’s Moving From Melbourne to Bendigo in 2020 is the question on everybody’s mind lately. So, I sat back and asked myself what are the three top reasons that everyone’s moving from Melbourne to Bendigo in 2020? And upon further inspection – I learnt a lot.

Today, more and more people are moving from Melbourne to Bendigo. They are ditching the city life for the country life and sometimes travelling great distances across Victoria to do so. Sure, many of them have made that choice to live where high-rise hotels, bedroom communities and blacktop roads are commonplace. And many love their location. But there’s just something about living in the country that they are missing. Not to mention many more obvious and practical reasons for their decision of relocation.

After doing a thorough research, it appeared that the top three reasons why everyone’s moving from Melbourne to Bendigo in 2020 are: affordability, work relocation and lifestyle change.


Real estate agents have been recently announcing a serious and growing interest in the regional property market as first home buyers and retiring baby boomers realise the much lower living costs were needed by a move from Melbourne to Bendigo. In other circumstances, living costs i n Melbourne have got so high that moving to the country isn’t as much of a choice as it is a survival measure for some. As the cost of housing increases far more rapidly than the increase that occurs raising minimum award rates for wages, then many more people will be making the move from Melbourne to Bendigo in 2020. For some moving to a regional area is their only option.

Work Relocation

A relocation occurs for work when you move to another city or state for a job and must leave behind your present life: your home, family, friends and your church. People relocate for jobs everyday for a variety of reasons. Most of the time the decision has come from management for purposes in alignment with the company’s vision for the future. Perhaps you may relocate for your teaching job to teach English to primary school students in one of Victoria’s country areas. It would not be viable to travel back and forth everyday from Melbourne to Bendigo, the company would relocate you to Bendigo to live so you can be there everyday.

Lifestyle Change

A quiet and relaxing country retirement has always been an ideal wind down location among older Australians but now it has become the opted choice time and time again. With the supply of rooms not keeping up with demand at retirement villages and the housing prices increasing so fast in regional Victoria, we may run out of places to live in the Bendigo region and surrounds if the infrastructure cannot keep up.

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