Werribee is located 20km west of the Melbourne CBD and has become part of Melbourne’s outer metropolitan area. It’s a city that is also a suburb, meaning you get the perfect mix of city living and suburban lifestyle.

Werribee is also the planned site for Labor and the Coalition’s alternative mini CBD, which is just one of our top 5 reasons you should move to Werribee.

Australian Education City

This is the name that the Victorian Planning Authority has given to the proposed development. It will be a “National Employment and Innovation Cluster”, making it easier for more people to get jobs away from Melbourne’s CBD. Technology and research companies are being courted to use this development as their next location, where they will converge with the planned university campuses.

There are plans for other mini CBDs around Melbourne as well. Imagine living further out from the traditional CBD, yet still having the same job opportunities with a shorter commute.

Great location for property investors

An annual rental yield of 3.7% for houses at $351 per week, and 4.4% rental yield for units at $320 per week make Werribee an enticing spot for purchasing an investment property. House prices are also reasonable, and despite booming in the last few decades, there is still a nice mix of contemporary and older, period homes.

Perfect for families

There’s no shortage of fun things for adults and kids alike to do, and, combined with the reasonably-priced homes, make Werribee extremely family-friendly. Larger families can often afford a more suitably-sized home than they could in other areas. The majority of people are in established couples or families in Werribee, so you and your children are sure to find plenty of new friends. The marina development provides a place for plenty of
family-friendly activities.

The Open Range Zoo

Werribee Open Range Zoo was established in 1983, and you can go on a safari tour that lasts for 40 minutes. It’s also got one of the world’s biggest gorilla exhibits, with three incredible silverback gorillas. Where else near Melbourne can you see bison, zebras, giraffes and zebras whenever you want?

Werribee Gorge Circuit

Keeping fit in Werribee is easy, thanks to Werribee Gorge State park. There’s a circuit that’s 9.3km long and takes you past cable walks, lookouts, and swimming holes. You’ll never be bored exercising in Werribee.

Make the move to Werribee

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