As your company upgrades and purchase new equipment, you’re also looking for the best way to discard older materials to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

What is it and how do you get rid of it? This article will cover all those questions and will provide you with some tips to ensure that you discard e-waste properly.

E-waste consists of electronic products that are unwanted, no longer used, no longer function, or nearing the end of usability.

This includes computers, TVs, stereos, mobile phones, printers, copiers, and other everyday electronic products.

According to Clean Up Australia, “88% of 4 million computers and 3 million TVs purchased in Australia every year will end up in a landfill.

How do I get rid of my e-waste?

We understand that it’s easy to accumulate e-waste particularly when your business decides to upgrade its resources and equipment. There are a couple of ways you can safely and confidentially dispose of your e-waste including:
1) Contact your local council and find out where their e-waste disposal service is located or whether they can pick up your e-waste. Some councils, including the City of Melbourne, even have a Recycle Smart app, which allows users to organise a pick-up of their e-waste using a Recycle Smart bag.
2) You can pay an exorbitant amount for someone to take away your e-waste products with a costly and complicated process that will take a long time and will be quite the burden.

3) Adopt a better way. At Removalist on The Run, we can collect and dispose of all your businesses or your e-waste products for a competitive price and with top service.
Instead of relying on the underfunded and un prioritised council or local government areas e-waste collection, use Removalist on The Run and its service.

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