The beginning of the university journey is exciting for many reasons, one of which being your newfound independence. Some students choose to continue living at home, and others decide to live on or closer to their campus.

The life of a uni student usually means a small budget as well, so if you’re moving closer to university, these tips will help.

Find affordable accommodation

Decide whether you’re going to share with roommates or find your own individual student accommodation. Make sure the place you find fits in with your budget, in terms of rent and utilities.

Cover the basics

If you are living off-campus in a rental property, it will likely be unfurnished, so you’ll need to organise all of your furniture. There are plenty of cheap flat-pack options, or it’s usually easy to find quality second-hand furniture. This includes things like white goods, computer desks, beds and drawers. Keep your eye out for bargains.

Clothes and essentials

University doesn’t require a uniform, so grab the basics for your wardrobe that you can comfortably wear to class, exercising, and going out. Things like formal wear can be left at your parents’ place as you should try to keep a small wardrobe due to the smaller living arrangements.

Minimal is easy to manage, and you should apply this rule to toiletries as well. Bring only what you need to conserve your space. This is especially true if you’re sharing with people, as there will be even less storage.

Items for study

You will obviously require a laptop or desktop computer, but keep in mind the uni will have a computer lab if you don’t have or can’t afford a laptop.

Ensure you have stationery and a bag to carry everything. Where you can, try to buy your textbooks second-hand to save yourself more money.

Keep it simple

When it comes to other items, like kitchen goods, remember that the student lifestyle is all about using a little to do a lot. Under-packing is the place to start from; you can always get the other things you need from friends or along the way. You will also likely share utensils, pots and pans and other items with your roommates.

Removalist On The Run offers affordable and reliable moving services for uni students

University is a time to learn, make new friends, and have a bit of fun. Your new-found independence will be the beginnings of your new adult life, so try to make it as easy to manage as you can.

You might think that a university student’s budget doesn’t allow for hiring removalists, but you’d be wrong! Removalist On The Run gets to know your needs and will work with you to provide a moving service that doesn’t cost a fortune.

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