What level and type of insurance cover is offered?

How long has the company been trading and can they supply references?

Professional vehicles, smartly dressed, competent estimators who feel reassuring and expert to talk to, open about their reputation and references are all good signs.

Do your homework and search their business page, website etc. Reviews & feedback are a great way of getting insight of the business and their reputation!

Factors affecting the price of a move include:

How many items you have: more items = higher volume/more weight = bigger or multiple vehicles. if you need strong packing materials provided. How far the van/truck needs to travel: further = more fuel costs.

if you have high value special items e.g. Antiques/ artworks that need extra care and specialist attention.

if you are moving during peak seasons (school holidays) or weekends at times of high demand.

When evaluating removals companies, beware of buying on price alone. The lowest rate does not necessarily mean that you will achieve best value for money. What matters most is a successful result. You should expect a range of +/- 20% in the prices quoted, otherwise you may not be getting a ‘like for like’ quotation.

Understandably many movers try and move over the weekend to minimise time off work. This also means it’s a premium time to move and you may not get in on the day! Some company’s charge higher rates for weekends too so if you can move mid-week you’ll get more time and better prices.

If you have a floor plan available (the estate agent may have made one up in the marketing of the property) make a key for the rooms indicating what goes where. Removers often provide stickers or colour coding to help with this.

Use the move as an opportunity to tidy up and throw stuff away that you really don’t need – no sense paying to transport stuff you’ll never use!

If you’ve opted for the protection and convenience of having the team pack for you, help them out by getting organised – the faster your team can pack up, the quicker you can be on the way and the faster you can be ready to unpack at the other end, saving time & money!

Don’t put all your things in a big heap – leave things in rooms so the crew have room to work and plan the loading efficiently.

Eat the contents of your freezer in the weeks before the move!

Don’t forget the garages & sheds!

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