Wondering what size truck you should rent when moving? It can be tricky to decide on the right-sized moving vehicle.

Choosing a proper size can also be quite important. After all, no one likes to waste money on an overly large truck. Simultaneously, you likely don’t want to end up in a position where you might need to rent an additional truck when all of your furniture won’t fit.
The right-sized truck will depend a lot on the type of moving project you are dealing with, the number of furniture items you have, and the size of the moving project.

So how do you pick a truck that is the perfect size for your moving project? This guide might help.

Proper Truck Size for Moving a Single Bedroom Home

One-bedroom homes or studio apartments are usually quite small and don’t allow you to fit too much furniture. Despite this, plenty of pieces tend to be big and bulky and won’t fit onto an average trailer.

For an average-sized studio apartment with dressers, closets, a large bed base, a large mattress, pedestals, a headboard, clothing items, kitchenware, and a couple of extra accessories like loose chairs or tables, a small 18 cubic metre truck or a 3-tonne truck should be sufficient.

Proper Truck Size for Moving a Two-bedroom Home

If your studio apartment or one-bedroom house is quite large or stuffed with lots of furniture, or if you are moving to a two-bedroom home then a little bit more space might be required. A 24 cubic metre truck or a 4.5-tonne truck should have enough space for two mattresses, two bases, kitchen accessories, clothing items, loose furniture, dressers, desks, and perhaps a sofa set.

Proper Truck Size for Moving a Three to Four Bedroom Home

For a large family home, it is best to go all out with a large 36 cubic metre truck or 8-tonne truck. These large trucks should have sufficient space for three or four-bedroom sets, a lounge set, and a couple of extra loose indoor and outdoor furniture pieces.

Suitable Truck Size for Moving Small Offices

A small 18 cubic metre truck should be large enough to accommodate all of your office furniture and equipment if you have a relatively small office. These trucks are ideal for relocating to busy high-traffic regions because they are easier to maneuver through traffic or narrow access ways. Their maneuverability makes them very popular among businesses.

Suitable Truck Size for Moving Medium Sized Offices

For a medium-sized office with lots of equipment like large printers, desks, chairs, and electronic goods, it is usually best to rent a 24 cubic metre truck. With this spacious truck size, you won’t have to disassemble as many furniture pieces which can greatly ease the transition process.

Suitable Truck Size for Moving a Large Office Space

Large offices or spaces that are crammed in with lots of workstations will require a lot more moving space. For a large office, it is best to get the larger 36 cubic metre truck size. These larger trucks are not as easy to maneuver through busy cities but can help you accomplish the move quicker and more affordably since more can fit into one trip.

Need Help Choosing a Suitable Truck Size?

While these tips can get you closer to the right truck size for your moving project, it is best to speak with a professional before you rent a truck. With bulky furniture items, it can be very difficult to determine the right moving van size for your relocation project. Our professionals at Removalists On The Run can offer some guidance on the right truck size to get for each moving project. We also have a team of specialist movers ready to assist you with your big move.

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