No matter what your storage needs are, upsizing, downsizing or decluttering, choosing a storage unit can seem like a daunting task. We at Removalist On The Run have compiled the key questions that you should be asking every storage facility to ensure that you’re maximising your value for money.

What are your base costs?

Most storage facilities will have a readily available price list based on the size and duration of your storage time (some will offer additional discounts for longer stays so be sure to clearly outline your plans to get an accurate quote). The size of a unit will be measured in volume, rather than footprint, so keep this in mind when comparing your quotes and considering the size of goods that you need to store.

Do you have any additional costs?

There are a number of additional costs and options that can be associated with unit rental beyond the expected base fees, and many of these are mandatory so you won’t be able to opt out should you want to reduce costs. The following are some of the common fees you might see:

  • Admin fees, these can also be known as an ‘account keeping fee’, or ‘start-up costs’ and are charged at sign up
  • A security deposit can also be charged to cover the facility in advance for damages caused to the unit, although this is usually refunded at the end of your tenancy
  • Cleaning costs to maintain communal facilities

Where can I save some money?

  • Insurance is offered by some providers, and is an optional cost for you to consider
  • Avoid dishonour and late payment fees by settling your account in full and on time
  • Reservation fees can also be charged should you want to hold a specific unit, so being flexible on your expectations can also reduce the amount you need to pay

If you’re looking to move, Removalist On The Run can provide expert advice on all stages of the moving process, and are experienced in storage facility removals.

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