Ballarat is situated just over an hour away west of Melbourne and is Victoria’s biggest inland city. With the gold rush history encompassing the suburb along with famous wineries and special arts, Ballarat sure is a tourist inhabited place! A haven of personalised lifestyle choices including bushwalks, leafy streets, big parks and gardens are just to name a few.

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An Increase In Infrastructure

An increase in infrastructure and their corresponding projects are the main reasons why the city of Ballarat is booming again, which in turn has resulted in a great boost for the local economy. There are plans to change the Ballarat Station Precinct and also talk of the redevelopment of the Ballarat base hospital to accomodate for the population growth in the fourth fastest growing city in Australia. From a business perspective, Ballarat is full of excellent opportunities for success.

When it comes to employment, the city of Ballarat is predicted to generate 20,000 jobs over 20 years according to the economists studying this fast population growth. Along with transport, construction and medical industries, entertainment and tourism are also growing rapidly.Ballarat has been included in the top 5 tourist destinations to visit in Australia and it also won the lead for Victoria’s leading music city in 2017.

The Strongest House Sale Market In Victoria

With a rapidly growing population and many infrastructural projects begun, Ballarat has also become the strongest house sale market in Victoria. Greater Geelong used to hold this title and it is only of recent times that Ballarat has exceeded this. Oddly enough, the house prices of Ballarat are still very reasonable, with the medium house sale price being $455,000, which helps to ensure the great Australian dream lives on. Experts warn not to get too complacent with house prices in Ballarat because just like its population, its house prices are also set to rise and have done so over the last 6 years quite steadily.

Projected Capital Growth Higher Than Melbourne

The Projected Capital Growth in Ballarat is now 1% higher than in Melbourne. With the new infrastructure, creation of jobs, recreational activities and the start of new business ventures, this region is quickly becoming a lifestyle change destination with the same benefits offered in Melbourne. It is no wonder why more and more people are moving to Ballarat.

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