In today’s renter’s market, it’s more crucial than ever to keep your property occupied by taking into account modern lifestyle needs as well as the practicality of your home as a long-term option for potential tenants.

Your Tenants Value Extra Storage Space More Than You Think

Surprisingly, extra storage space is highly valued, despite the fact that most people are unwilling to pay a higher rent for convenience. Today’s renters have gotten fairly adept at shifting between residences with only their necessities; the expense of renting is already high enough without adding to the financial burden. Renters are discovering alternative storage solutions as more people move into apartment buildings, particularly in Melbourne CBD and surrounds.

In-House Storage Solutions Save You The Struggle Of Renting External Storage Space

External Storage gives tenants a stable and secure place to store their possessions that they can handle independently of their rental payments. It significantly affects their capacity to choose the accommodation that is less expensive due to the lack of storage space.
Some tenants prefer to devise their own storage solutions in order to tailor their accommodations to their own requirements. While this can be beneficial, it does come with a personal financial cost for renters, as well as the risk of landlords becoming unsatisfied with the alterations made to their houses.

In House Storage Solutions Are One Of Those Things That Tenants Want Most

Over 39% of tenants say they are willing to pay more if they get additional storage for their belongings at home. If your property has enough storage, don’t put off tenants by raising the rent without providing any visible improvements or additional space, as most tenants would prefer to manage their storage without the added cost. If you’re renovating or prepping a property for rent, consider adding more storage wherever you can, especially in apartments and smaller houses. Your tenants will appreciate being able to keep their prized possessions at home with them, and they may be willing to pay a higher rent to live somewhere that accommodates their needs.

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