Melbourne residents are flocking to Regional Victoria. In fact, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that the number of people making a ‘tree change’ doubled in June 2021, with this trend only expected to continue into 2022.
Constant lockdowns along with pollution, congestion, and rising costs for residents of capital cities are making many people to consider moving to regional areas of their states for a different lifestyle.
Country and coastal living offer the best of both worlds – more affordable homes close to public transport, shops, and cafes, along with a relaxed and safe family lifestyle.
Here are some reasons why more people are choosing to move to the Regional Victorian lifestyle:

Value For Money

We all know, Melbourne along with almost all Australian Cities are expensive and only getting more expensive, this of course allows more people to move to regional areas of their States as they are historically cheaper and more value for money for you.
You can afford a much nicer house typically in a regional area instead of your capital city and the cost of living is likely much cheaper for regional towns and cities.

You’re not going to be commuting as much typically so savings for fuel and transportation factor into many people’s decision to move.

The Attainable Country Lifestyle

The laid back slower paced Australian country lifestyle is one of the main reasons why people, especially Families with Children are flocking to the reasons people are leaving Capital Cities increased numbers.
Schools, natural attractions, amenities for Families as well as shopping and retail means that everything available to you in the city is available in regional cities and towns.
You’re not missing anything as almost all good regional population centres have their own amenities which rival or even outdo the cities.

The Advantage of Working From Home

As we all well know, over the past few years working from own and not from the office or for Children as well, learning from home instead of from school has become the norm, especially for Melburnians and Victorians since 2020 and still looks likely to continue.
This means many people have realised that they can live somewhere completely different from where they work as going into school or an office is no longer as important.
This had as all the amenities and financial perks have made many people reconsider their options.

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